Raspberry Wine APEC 2005′s Official Dinner Drink

Gochang‘s local wine ‘Sun Wun’ is to be exported to Shandong in China and to be sold as gifts for the Chinese New Year celebration. Sun Wun, produced by Gochang West Coast Bokbunja company, is a famous Korean brand known for its selected berries and its fermentation process which takes place in specially made red clay dens. Sun Wun was also the official dinner drink for APEC Summit 2005.

The company packed sets of Sun Wun bottles into containers on January 21 for their shipment to a trading company in Shandong which is quite close to the Korean soil. The 2,000 sets of Sun Won, which are worth 43 million won (US$ 39,622), will be supplied as the New Year gift sets at a department store in Shandong.