Bohae Bokbunja - The Award Winning Korean Wine

Chronology of Awards



  • Wine Competition 2005 won the bronze medal
  • World Wine Competition The Dallas Morning News
  • Won the grand prize of quality satisfaction selected by 2011 female consumers
  • APEC 2005' Summit Official Wine Selection



  • World's Best Brand Award Prize
  • 2006 Korea Package Design Industry Project Award
  • Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Gwangju Summit Official Dinner
  • Selected as the 6th and 15th National Unification Festival



  • Korea-China Summit Official Wine Selection
  • The 1st Korea Liquor Fair - selected as Korea's Best Luxury Brand
  • 2007 South-North Summit Official Wine Selection
  • 2007 Commercial Wine Competition Bronze Medal
  • World Wine competition hosted by Americal Wine Society



  • San Diego International Wine Competition Gold Medal Winner
  • Awarded Grand Prize in the 2009 Korea Brand Brass Ingots
  • Selected as an official wine for 10 OECD World Forum



  • 2013 International Exhibition Association (UFI) Seoul General Meeting' Official Dinner



  • The 1st Korea Liquor Award