Stay in shape while staying indoors with these fitness YouTubers

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused almost every nation to adopt a stay-at-home order at one point or another. Even when restriction orders are lifted, some people might opt to spend a bulk of their time at home to stay on the safe side of the current circumstances we are living in.

Finding ways to keep ourselves physically active can be a challenge when we are confined to the four walls of our home. Luckily, workouts are not just limited to in-studio group classes or exercise machinery at the gym, workouts are accessible online too!

In fact, there has been a large increase in health and fitness-centric content in the digital space during this pandemic. As most gyms had to remain closed for long periods to flatten the curve, the fitness industry has resolved to digital solutions to stay relevant and engaged with consumers.

As such, this has caused a massive boom for fitness YouTubers who provide free content online! If the pandemic has put a strain on your finances and you are currently choosing to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid contracting the virus, check out these 8 fitness YouTubers who are providing a variety of home-friendly workouts to keep you in shape!

All you need is some space and plenty of willpower to commit to these workouts that can help reduce stress levels, combat the urge to over-indulge and stay fit. It is also noteworthy that regular exercise has been proven to improve one’s mental health as the act of being active will trigger feel-good chemicals called endorphins to be present in the body.

8 Fitness YouTubers to follow

1) Blogilates:

Image source: Blogilates

Cassey Ho is the face of Blogilates, a channel that has garnered 5 million subscribers. The platform started as a pilates-only channel, but over time, it has evolved into a well-rounded fitness platform that includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio, strength conditioning and Pop Pilates (Ho’s signature program)! This channel is also beginner-friendly as Ho tailors her workouts to accommodate different walks of life with varying needs. She also shares meal plan recipes that contain high nutritional value and are easy to make!

2) Emi Wong

Image source: South China Morning Post

Emi Wong is a Hong Kong-based lifestyle and fitness vlogger with 3.8 million subscribers. She provides nutrition advice, workout routines, travel vlogs, beauty tips and fashion inspiration on her channel. If you are looking for a community leader with a well-rounded health-conscious lifestyle, Wong is an ideal candidate!

Her most popular videos include arm stretches, K-Pop cardio workouts, and methods to lose stubborn fats on the belly. However, Wong’s most valued content are the ones that involve her personal life. Wong’s willingness to open up about her life has established a close-knit community on her page.

3) Radhika Bose

Image source: MSN

If you are one of those hardcore yoga participants that lives and breathes yoga, Radhika Bose’s channel is made for you. With over 59k subscribers, Bose is a certified yoga practitioner who uses the art of merging the mind and body through intentional movement to help people find healing within themselves. Bose's workout videos inspire people to embrace their path while staying fit and healthy. Her upbeat personality paired with her advocacy to stop discriminating against bodies that do not fit typical beauty standards makes her a great source of inspiration during this pandemic.

4) The Body Coach TV

Image source: Mandatory

If you want to get started with high-intensity drills, The Body Coach TV, a channel that is run by fitness coach Joe Wicks, is the place to be. With over 2.7 million users tuned in, it is currently running a series of family-friendly workouts that resonates with many families who are spending most of their time indoors today. However, there is a large backlog of HIIT-focused workouts on the channel that will easily get your heart rate into the red zone in a matter of seconds! Wick provides a variety of workouts that apply to different levels of fitness and needs.

5) Yoga with Tim

Image source: Yoga With Tim

If you are trying to commit to Yoga during isolation, give Yoga with Tim a chance! It is usually more common to find females leading on the mat online, but Yoga with Tim serves as a refreshing reminder that yoga is beneficial, applicable and doable for all genders and body types! The account has attracted an audience of 198k and is well-known for providing total-body workouts that are suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis. It also has a wide range of mobility-focused content that will help you move better in other activities such as running and cycling.

6) Jeff Nippard

Image source: Pinterest

Jeff Nippard has a degree in biochemistry and is very reputable in the realm of bodybuilding and powerlifting. If you want to build muscles and get stronger through workouts that are heavily supported by science and research, you have to follow him! Nippard’s channel has a following of 2.3 million users that are steadily growing as he continuously provides informative workout videos that are centred around resistance training.


Image source: Wiki Bio Worth

If you are looking for a way to improve your performance in callisthenics, you need to check out Chris Heria and his crew at OFFICIALTHENX, a channel dedicated to mastering impressive movements with one’s sole bodyweight. It currently has 6 million subscribers as Heria and the group continues to amaze their audience with new tricks and sequences.

8) Chloe Ting

Image source: The Untitled Magazine

Chloe Ting is a fitness model that has over 18.9 million loyal followers. Ting’s “Get Abs in 2 Weeks” workout challenge series alone has received over 200 million views as it became a popular routine for people during lockdown! In addition to her workouts, she makes reaction videos of people who try her workouts and frequently recommends healthy and delicious recipes to try.

The fitness scene has earned a large place on the web, especially during this pandemic. We hope that you will find a routine from this list that will complement your pursuit of health and fitness. If you are new to exercising, be sure to start with videos that match your capacity and slowly work your way up from there!

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