Happy International Women’s Day: Celebrating 7 inspiring women in Singapore

In this current era of digitalisation and modern ideologies, female professionals of various industries have paved the way for greater success in Singapore. In celebration of International Women’s Day, let us appreciate 7 women who had a positive impact in their respective industries. These women have inspired greater change for the next generation of women as they tackled long-standing challenges in the realm of gender inequality at the workplace.

These challenges include, but are not limited to, the wage gap, gender bias, lack of sponsorship for female leaders, sexual harassment and the list seems to go on and on. While we have made great progress over the years, it is still an on-going battle for women to have a place in the world of working professionals. This has been clearly illustrated by the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which shows that gender parity will not be changed for another 99.5 years.

This is why it is crucial for us to support the women who are braving through the gender hierarchy to make a difference! Here is a list of 7 inspirational women in Singapore who have successfully made a name for themselves.

7 Successful women based in Singapore

1) Tan Hooi Ling

    Image source: Forbes

    Tan Hooi Ling is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Grab, a Singapore-based transportation company. She has been leading the company ever since 2012. And in those years, she has expanded the company across 8 nations and increased the employment rate in Singapore! Tan’s main focus is to grow the market share in all 8 nations and she has done a fantastic job as Grab has taken over Uber’s Southeast Asian operations in a deal worth billions of dollars according to a San Francisco-based Uber in March 2018.

    2) Ankiti Bose

    Image source: Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

    Ankiti Bose, who is the former consultant of McKinsey & Company founded her own company, Zilingo, at the age of 23. It is an e-commerce business that aims to help small fashion merchants across Southeast Asia to compete against big corporations in the marketplace. The company has been said to accumulate a net worth of close to US$1 billion and Ankiti Bose is set to be the first Indian woman to found a billion-dollar startup.

    3) Velda Tan

    Image source: Vulcan Post

    Velda Tan is a successful entrepreneur who founded several successful names across different industries. She brought Love, Bonito to life at the young age of 18 and won several awards including the SME Asia Award 2013/2014 by The Asian Business Journal and The Trade and Industry Association. Her most notable work to date would be her involvement in the Galboss Asia initiative, a channel that brings successful women entrepreneurs together to hear inspiring stories and participate in panel discussions.

    4) Pat Law

    Image source: The Drum

    Pat Law is the founder of GOODSTUPH (a social media agency), Another Good Thing (a social laboratory behind the retail label The Damn Good Shop), and Good Chi (an experience marketing company). In 2013, her company GOODSTUPH was named Social Media Agency of the Year. She is a digital marketing wizard that has elevated many businesses through her specialities in both traditional and digital media. Some of her other notable achievements include gracing the pages of August Woman, Channel NewsAsia, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Her World, L’officiel, TODAY, The Peak and The Straits Times.

    5) Ang Swee Chai

    Image source: Independent Insight

    She is the co-founder of Medical Aid for Palestinians, an organisation that strives to improve humanitarian needs through the provision of basic health care treatments and advocating the needs of vulnerable groups. She is also the author of “From Beirut to Jerusalem: A Woman Surgeon with the Palestinians”, an account of her personal experiences in war zones. The book has been translated into dozens of languages and it is being sold worldwide.

    6) Christine Amour-Levar

    Image Source: Singapore Tatler

    Christine Amour-Levar is a marketing specialist leading iRace Media and the founder of two non-profit organisations called HER Planet Earth and Women on a Mission. These two organisations consist of an all-female team that organises expeditions aimed to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable women. The team has been to remote locations such as Bhutan, Mongolia, Rwanda and even Siberia in order to create buzz for the cause. As of last year, Christine Amour-Levar was appointed an ambassador for the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation in the Philippines to help conserve the natural environment through environmentally sustainable practices.

    7) Han Sai Por

    Image Source: Ran Dian

    Han Sai Por is a highly recognised sculptor that has made a name for herself in Asia. Her masterpieces are praised all over the world as they are widely shown and collected in numerous countries such as China, Malaysia and Japan. Her sculptures are typically defined through the use of stone and nature-centric elements such as rustic woods and plants. You can see some of her most iconic works at Changi Airport and Esplanade.

    These ladies deserve a long-standing ovation for their effort in making huge breakthroughs in their respective fields while breaking gender-stereotypes in the market.

    As this is the day of celebrating strong women in our lives, let us make a toast to a brighter future for women of all ages, backgrounds and goals! Instead of clinking your glasses together with red wine, why not give our signature Bohae Bokbunja a try? Get yours here.