Happy Earth Day: Create less waste and emissions with these 7 habits

Here is how simple habits can create big changes... 

In conjunction with Earth Day, here are a few habits to implement in our lives to treat our planet better. In less than nine years, our planet will be irreversibly damaged. But not all hope is lost, we still have time to change our ways and choose to do better for our planet. As WWF Singapore mentions, it is healthier for us to enjoy a cup of Kopi O Kosong, so we should go Kosong emissions for our planet’s health too!

Here are some simple habits to adopt in your everyday life to limit your environmental impact

1) Switching to a reusable mask

Did you know that approximately 376 million masks are thrown out every month? Worse yet, they could take around 450 years to decompose! Swapping to reusable masks is an easy alternative to combat this. Reusable masks can be easily thrown in the wash or hand washed and there are plenty of different options being sold by Singaporean businesses. You can pick up masks that compliment your style and help contribute to our local economy too!

2) Moving towards public transport


We know how tempting it is to call yourself a cab when the MRT station is a sweltering five-minute walk away or when you are too tired to take the bus home. But, transport is currently our biggest contributor to climate change and the biggest change we can implement in our daily lives. Opting for public transport instead of driving or calling a cab can save up to a sixth of your carbon emissions! With our well-structured public transport system, you should talk yourself into taking that extra step towards the MRT and a cleaner planet.

3) Reusing and recycling

Single-use products are ubiquitous in our everyday lives. From the bread wrapper you had for breakfast to the containers when you get takeaway supper, these single-use products add up quickly. To overcome this issue, steer clear of products with excessive packaging and try to reuse or recycle as much as possible. Fun fact, our glass Bohae Bokbunja bottles are pretty convenient to reuse or recycle! Here are a couple of ways you could use our Bokbunja bottles:

  • Use them to store drinks, such as cold brew, in the fridge.
  • Turn them into small vases for your flowers.

4) Declining the bag

Plastic bags are constantly offered to us, and oftentimes, it is difficult not to cave in to the convenience. In fact, Singaporeans use 820 million plastic bags from supermarkets every year! It is time we start declining them and adopt reusable bags instead. Reusable bags are readily available and there is a big chance you already have some at home! Make this habit easy to adopt by ensuring that you always have a reusable bag in your daily purse, backpack, or one that can be attached to your keys!

5) Green cleaning

It is important to keep our living spaces clean, but how clean are the products you use? Standard cleaning products typically include chemicals that can harm our ecosystems when washed into our waterways, and consistently repurchasing cleaning products just adds more waste. Make the switch by making your own cleaning products with household ingredients like baking soda and vinegar, and even customising these products to your liking. Existing spray bottles can be reused and you can store excess product with our Bokbunja bottles!

6) Leaning into a plant-based diet

With the meat and dairy industry contributing approximately 14.5% of our global greenhouse gas emissions, eating greener is a great way to decrease our emissions. This could be as easy as allocating one day a week or one meal every day to be plant-based! Of course, it might be difficult to let go of some of your favourites like chicken rice or satay, but you could make an exception for them while still limiting other meats and dairy. With an abundance of alternatives around, you might not even feel like you are missing out!

7) Shopping more consciously

The clothing industry is an immense contributor to Earth’s waste, totalling 10% of our planet’s carbon emissions. To decrease your impact, you can learn to be more mindful when shopping. Before purchasing, ask yourself “Will I wear this at least 30 times?” and answer truthfully. If the answer is no, it is best to leave it on the rack. This might be hard to do at first, but the more you practice it, the easier it will get! If you do need new clothing, you could choose to exchange clothes with friends or family to freshen up your wardrobe, go thrifting or shop secondhand for some funky finds, or shop at sustainable clothing brands!

It is great to introduce these activities on Earth Day, but building these into consistent habits is what will make the biggest change. And of course, share these tips with your friends and family and enjoy our delicious Bokbunja guilt-free wine while you discuss what to implement in your lives!