Five ways to avoid stress during a CNY reunion (Covid-19 Edition)

For many, Chinese New Year is a time that calls for scrumptious foods, late nights gambling, new clothes, ang pows, and so forth. Although the pandemic has come to impede certain ways of how CNY is traditionally celebrated, it does not hinder the spirit and mood of this annual festival one bit as many are free to have a good time around town albeit needing to abide by the SOPs laid forward by the government.

Although this past year has not been fruitful to most, there remain good chances one will find themselves attending to the interminable prying questions from relatives they only meet once to thrice a year, or none at all considering what went on last year. All these added more to the likelihood that the questions could be tenfold more inquisitive and peculiar, which is something uncalled for considering 2020 has not been kind at all. Nonetheless, it is best to be equipped for dealing with any “dramas” and potential unforeseen circumstances precipitated by the restrictions imposed.

Why this year’s CNY could be more stress-inducing

This year, expect even the quietest cousin to ask and tell. Of course, not forgetting old uncles and aunties who are the usual suspects when it comes to ‘updating’ the family on their grandest achievements. In these crisis-filled times, it would not be a surprise to hear them bragging on what they have done or how many A’s their children managed to score in online exams—you get the idea. All these tend to galvanise more people to participate in such conversations that are likely to lead to unnecessary comparisons.

Furthermore, with the pandemic not slowing down anytime soon, it is not easy to visit around with a relaxed mind knowing many are out roaming albeit with certain restrictions imposed to reduce the risks of transmission. Ensuring everyone is adhering to the SOP while dealing with what to eat and regular fumigation of the household could be stressful for the head of the house. For these reasons, this year’s CNY may end up as a stressful event.

Here are five ways to cope with the stress on CNY reunion gatherings.

1) Opt for an online reunion instead

Unlike the previous occasions, this CNY actually presented a good chance for a holiday  ‘getaway’, and a reasonable one at that. With only two households allowed for a visit per day and a maximum of 8 guests in a household, going M.I.A but not completely AWOL is a great way to minimise the chances of interrogative questioning. Also, now you do not have to worry about catering to so many people at once!

2) Planning the right time to visit

Again, with the tight SOP set forth, not every nosy uncle and aunties will be present when you decide to show up. So, it is best to get on the WhatsApp family group chat to follow up with the schedule on who will be visiting which house and at what time. As time will be limited, decide in advance on whose place you want to stay shorter or longer so you would not run into the nosiness of your one inquisitive relative. 

3) Be diplomatic

Employing a peacekeeping approach for potentially contentious questions will keep one away from prying as they would not call you out while you try your best to steer clear or defuse tension-igniting questions. So, remember to go into these gatherings with a preplanned list of timely jokes and tension-defusing subjects!

4) A simple celebration

This year’s CNY is all about keeping our close ones safe while we celebrate the occasion without neglecting the fact that the pandemic remains an ongoing one. Since there could only be 8 in a household, why not opt for a simple dinner instead? By simple, we mean none other than the felicitous steamboat which not only is easy to prepare but is also time-lenient for you and your visitors to eat without worrying it would ever go cold. Much like most essential goods, steamboats are available for delivery service, which is a welcome addition, especially for this year.

5) Keep your house clean

Keeping your house clean and regularly fumigated is important as you welcome your guest courteously. Remind them to adhere to not only the SOP but good personal hygiene too. Again, with only 8 guests per household a day, this should give you ample time and space to clean up before welcoming the next batch into your house.

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