Easy to Achieve New Year’s Health Resolutions

It’s the new year and everyone’s talking about setting new goals. Whether you want to climb up the career ladder or to pick up a new skill, it has to start somewhere. But oftentimes, starting is not the real issue; keeping up with the “goals” is the true challenge. According to statistics, only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions. So, instead of being overly ambitious, start with small but incremental lifestyle changes that have been proven to be a rather effective approach.

Here are some basic resolutions that you should consider adding into your list:

1. Adjusting sleep schedule

    It’s been reported that chronic sleep deprivation is getting increasingly common. In the short term, sleep deprivation is bad for our cognitive abilities. So, to counter this problem, we first need to adjust our sleeping schedules. Break the cycle of sleeping at ungodly times and try ending 30 minutes earlier each day until your desired time to adjust your sleep pattern.

    2. Exercise daily

    It’s a tried and true (and probably old) statement from many sources, but this doesn’t mean you have to apply for a gym membership and start a heavy workout session right away. Just a simple 20 to 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio activity e.g. power walking, dancing, and light jogging is good to keep risks of heart diseases at bay. Alternatively, move around as much as possible. Ditch the escalator for stairs. 

    3. Mindful to drink one extra glass of water daily

    There’s a reason why scientists say drinking approximately 8 glasses of water daily would benefit the human body. If you’re someone who wants to achieve this goal, you can start by drinking one more glass of water each day.

    4. Reduce or remove oily food from one meal a day

    Watching what we eat is just as important as being mindful of our water intake. So, other than including more fibre into your meals, try reducing or excluding oily food from one meal a day and watch how your body would appreciate your choices.

    5. Drink some Bokbunja before sleep

    You must’ve heard of people saying drinking some alcohol would benefit your health. If you want to give this a shot but not sure which alcohol to drink, give Bohae’s Bokbunja a shot (literally)! Consume as little as 50ml each night before sleep to help you sleep better! Bokbunja is made of high-quality black raspberries which consists of many health benefits. Now you can have your alcohol without a worry in mind!