A guide to Christmas shopping during Covid-19

December is around the corner and you know what that means… It’s Christmas time! While 2020 has proved to be a difficult year for everyone, it doesn’t mean that the Christmas spirit should be dampened. In fact, we should use this joyous occasion to celebrate our appreciation for our loved ones and what we have in life.

Of course, when it comes to Christmas, one thing that everyone struggles with is shopping for Christmas presents. With online stores offering all sorts of amazing discounts and promotions during the festive season, we seem to be bombarded with unlimited choices. So, while you’re still scratching your head wondering what to get for your loved ones, we’ve come out with 7 different categories of gifts you can give to your loved ones.

 1. Household Appliances

Let’s start with something practical. If you know that your loved ones have been eyeing on a certain kitchenware such as a coffee machine or a versatile air fryer, then now’s a good time to make their wish come true. With most of us stuck indoors, everyone has been cooking more often and gifting kitchenware would be the perfect gift. Even if they’ve not been looking out for one, they’d definitely appreciate it.

2. Everyone Enjoys A Good Book

Book lovers will be delighted at the thought of receiving a new book to read and to add to their collection. With all of us still staying at home, a good book will be an excellent way to alleviate the boredom and anxiety we’re feeling at the moment. There are plenty of genres to choose from—fantasy to provide escapism or self-help books that inspire and allow us to see the brighter things in life to cheer us up.

 3. Fashion Mask

The pandemic is not going away anytime soon and governments around the world have issued mask mandates. So why not give the ones you love a pack of stylish face masks that not only looks pleasing to the eye but also protects them? There are plenty of fashionable masks online that have met the approval from the local health authorities. Not to mention, they are reusable and washable too—good for you and the environment! Uniqlo, for example, have incorporated their proprietary AIRism technology into their masks that won’t suffocate the wearer. It’s light and breezy, and would absolutely make an excellent gift to your loved ones.

4. Plants Are Pretty Cool Too

You may think gifting people plants during Christmas is odd, but plants are amazing to have especially during these tough times. According to a study, having a little indoor plant in your workplace can increase productivity by 15%! And with most of us working from home at the moment, indoor plants are highly effective in filtering our home of air toxins and producing fresh oxygen. Plants are also good for the eyes after staring at the computer screen for long periods of time! What’s the best part? A lot of indoor plants require little maintenance! Plants such as air plants, bamboo, peace lilies and snake plants would make wonderful houseplants.

5. Work-From-Home Gifts

Do your friends or family love a constant change of environment in their own home? Buy a foldable work desk for them so they can move their work station to every part of the house! Or are they complaining about soreness in their backs and shoulders? Why not buy them a proper office chair? These WFH gifts would make a huge impact on their lives as they are constantly using them. It doesn’t have to be something expensive like an ergonomic or professional gaming chair, in fact, it can even be something as simple as a wireless charger or humidifier. Whatever it is, buy something that would make their WFH experience better.

6. Exercise Equipment

No, you don’t have to buy them treadmills or weight benches. It could be something budget-friendly and effective such as skipping ropes, dumbbells, yoga mats or even athletic wear. Exercise is good for the body and soul, and these exercise “equipments”  are effective indoors.

 7. Sip & Unwind

For the wine lovers and self-care enthusiasts, buying them a good bottle of wine to sip and unwind is perfect. This December you get to save an additional $28 and enjoy 2 free bottles of Bokbunja when you buy two 12-packs of Bokbunja! That’s a total of 26 bottles of Bokbunja for an astoundingly cheap price of $339.90! And the best part? You can wrap it individually to give as gifts. After all, no Christmas is complete without having a glass of wine with your friends and family, even if it’s a virtual party!


These are the 7 categories of Christmas gift ideas. If you want to shop our special holiday promotion, you can go to our Shop page. Have fun shopping!