5 Ways to make your mum feel loved on this Mother’s Day

When was the last time you treated your mum to breakfast in bed? Or buy her that dress that she has been eyeing for months? If you can’t recall - time to make amends. You can still make it up to her! 

As we all know, Mother’s Day is the perfect day for us to show our mothers how much we care for them. So, take your mother out for a nice drive or pamper her with the things she loves doing! But remember to adhere to the latest SOP to keep yourself and your beloved mother safe and healthy! To get started, here are five ways to celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day!


Feast with her


5 Ways to make your mum feel loved on this Mother’s Day

Let us remind you that a great feast does not necessarily equate to a posh meal. If you are on a tighter budget or if you would like to do the honour of cooking for your dear mother, bring out the apron and cook away! But if you want, you can always book a table at a fancy restaurant and treat your mum to a great lunch or dinner. Either way, ensure that your mum enjoys good food with good company on this special day.

Since the country will be undergoing safety measures due to a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, remember to only go out in a group of no more than five people. Or to be extra careful, you can always opt for food delivery and enjoy your delicious meal comfortably at home!

Go shopping for clothes and beauty products


5 Ways to make your mum feel loved on this Mother’s Day

Does your mum have any new dresses that she has been eyeing? Perhaps not a dress, but the latest beauty product from her favourite brand? Whatever it is, this special day is the perfect time for you to indulge her in her favourite things! 

Bringing her out for a shopping spree will, without a doubt, make her the happiest woman in the world, especially if she has spent too long cooped up inside the house. Again, with another round of safety measures imposed to curb the recent COVID-19 cases spike, if you plan to head out to the mall, keep in mind to adhere to the latest SOP. But of course, there is always online shopping at our fingertips! 

Enjoy a relaxing home spa day


5 Ways to make your mum feel loved on this Mother’s Day


Do you know what else you can do to pamper your mum this Mother’s Day? Let her enjoy a relaxing evening with a spa day at home. With everything that is going on in the world right now, your mum may have her worries. Take her to a temporary getaway in comfort and relaxation when you turn your home into a spa. To recreate the spa ambience, you need to equip yourself with items such as body cream, robes, skin mask and body oil—of course, if you do not have all these items, you can always make do with the ones that you have. Give your mother a good and relaxing massage to keep her mind off things and let her enjoy her Mother’s Day in peace. 

Breakfast in bed


5 Ways to make your mum feel loved on this Mother’s Day

Remember the days of getting up early for school to a sumptuous breakfast by the table? You can now do the same for your mum! Treat her like a queen with a tasty breakfast in bed. From syrup-soaked pancakes to chocolate-flavoured waffles, there simply is no better feeling than waking up to the aroma of foods wafting in the air. And although this may seem like a simple thing to do, do know that simple gestures such as this can brighten your mother’s day. Trust us, your efforts alone shall make this a memorable day for her to remember years down the road!

A fun time - baking 


5 Ways to make your mum feel loved on this Mother’s Day


Another great way to spend Mother’s Day with your mum is to partake in a baking session. Instead of buying ready-made cakes, pies or cookies, why not bake one yourself? Going the extra mile to make your desserts is a surefire way to express love and thanks for the special woman in your life. Besides that, baking is not that difficult if you do your preparations beforehand and you follow the given recipe. Share this wonderful baking experience with your mum! And if everything goes well, you can just turn this into a yearly mum and daughter activity.

Indeed, every day is Mother’s Day. But hey, turn this one day into a special day focused solely on your beloved mother and indulge her in everything nice to make her feel loved and appreciated. Remember, happy mum, happy home!

If your mum prefers something more subtle and laid-back, spend a relaxing evening with her and chit chat over a delicious glass of Bokbunja. Get yours here now!