Your health should not be an afterthought

It is easy to take our health for granted but doing so could cost us...


Sometimes it is easy to forget about your health when you are swamped with work, family, friends, and personal issues. But your health is an important asset and prioritising it will be worth it in the long run. This includes not only our physical bodies but our brain too. Thus, we need to exercise it to nurture our mental health. Setting routines such as working out or scheduling time to meet with friends will ensure you have a higher quality of life.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be prioritising your health

1) Preventing diseases

Being in a worldwide pandemic, keeping your body healthy has never been more important. Our immune system is our last defence barrier and it should be maintained with a well-structured routine. This includes eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients, with a caloric intake proportional to your body, and avoiding excess fat, sugar, and salt.

Staying physically active can also lower your risks of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. So, it is important to include exercise in your weekly routines; to make this easier, you could find a workout buddy or attend group workout classes! Additionally, keeping stress at bay through physical activity or mental strategies can also lower your risks of chronic illnesses.

2) Pushes you to enjoy life

Without stable mental health, we may struggle to balance our emotions, feel in a rut or find it difficult to see positivity. But, living should not feel like a chore! This is why we need to employ tactics to exercise our mental health. Some suggestions include taking a break from work or your devices, spending time with loved ones, taking time to reflect, or getting lost in nature. These tactics can be personalised and should make you feel rejuvenated!

With a well-balanced mind, you might find yourself reaching for more in work or personal life, feel yourself being more creative, and have increased self-esteem. However, if you are struggling with mental health please reach out to friends, family, or professionals. You can find more information here.

3) Keeping your energy up

Maintaining a healthy body will also provide you with more energy to do the things you love. Our bodies are designed to function better when provided with energy-fueling whole foods such as bananas, fatty fish, and nuts. This can help you excel at work, be more present in your life and allow you to continue doing things you love as you age!

You can also increase your energy levels by getting enough good sleep. Good sleep varies depending on your demographic but is generally defined as getting enough hours, sleeping through the night, and waking up refreshed. If you are struggling with sleep, it might be beneficial to read our article on insomnia to find out what is causing your struggle and how to combat this issue.

4) Coping through tough times

Encountering challenges in life is inevitable. At some point in life, you will experience grief, frustration, or sorrow. Having stable mental health is highly beneficial as it allows you to cope better with life’s challenges. It is important to note that being mentally healthy does not mean you should block out all forms of negativity—this is considered toxic positivity and can do more harm than good.

With strong mental health, you will be able to allow yourself to experience the emotions, process them and use strategies to help yourself out of the negative space. These strategies can include reaching out to trusted loved ones or professionals, journaling your thoughts, or hitting a reset button, like taking a cold shower or cleaning your space.

5) They come hand in hand

You are hitting every workout and eating clean, but something still feels off… If you find yourself in this situation, you may be neglecting your emotional needs. As much as it is important to take care of your physical health, it is also important to acknowledge your mental health in your everyday life as they are highly interlinked.

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